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With any type of business, the success of your company is directly related to receiving payment from your customers or patients. Performing services or providing products without collecting the fees associated will quickly bring your business down. The chiropractic field is no different. If you run a chiropractic practice and are wondering why your revenue […]

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As a chiropractor, your primary goal is to be the number one practice that individuals call whenever they are in need of chiropractic services. In the same way that your clients are loyal to your practice, there may be times when you want to reward them for their commitment to your practice. Under the Affordable […]

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Building and maintaining a chiropractic practice is extremely difficult and complex. You must develop a plan for health records, billing, advertising and of course many issues come up regarding insurance and Medicare.  You must also manage all of the Human Resources issues that come up in a medical office.  There is no rule book for […]

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I feel that my Chiropractic services have been successful. But how do I figure out my $PVA and what can be done to improve this if it feels low? $PVA ($ per visit average) is a simple equation that can be figured out by adding up the total revenue (patient payments + insurance payments) received […]

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