The billing and compliance challenges of a high volume cash practice are overwhelming to a wellness chiropractor. Most billing software is focused on insurance billing. Most electronic health records (EHr) systems are an operational nightmare with all of the ambulatory certification requirements creating unnecessary complexity. We began with a simple idea: help chiropractors secure their mission by streamlining down to the essence what they need to do to compliantly keep treatment records, track prepay plans, bill payers and provide virtual experts at a moment’s call to help clinics stay on track and achieve success.

ClinicSafe’s success comes from the collaborative efforts of Maximized Living, Clinic Doctor, and the Crabtree Law Firm. We combined the expertise and technologies of these well known and established entities in the chiropractic market.

ClinicSafe Services

Billing & Software

Software is a tool that should work for you, not you for it. ClinicSafe cloud-based software can be learned by you in less than one hour. ClinicSafe combines a simple and intuitive software interface with intelligent back-office services to help your clinic achieve and sustain financial health. Unlike software vendors that charge you up front and then leave you to fend for yourself on training and claims, ClinicSafe is your ongoing teammate to insure guaranteed success. ClinicSafe provides automated patient check in using a card or key fob. Doctors are able to view individual patient management metrics, create a SOAP note and claim, all in less than 10 seconds.

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Electronic Health Records

Most high volume cash practices see the value in Electronic Health Records, but will reject the EHr if it is too expensive or slows the doctor down during exams and visits. ClinicSafe EHr is inexpensive, blazing fast and exceeds all paper note performance measures. Common patient visit forms are fast tracked to the patient scheduler and eliminate barriers to entering the treatment notes. Multiple kinds of patient visit and exam forms have been created personally by  Todd Crabtree DC JD MBA to achieve the optimal balance of speed and compliance.

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