What should a chiropractor do if they want to date a chiropractic patient?

The quick answer is, “Never date a chiropractic patient.” Of course, the practicality and reality is that there are a countless number of chiropractors that feel compelled to date one of their patients. There is a concept called “descent interval”.  Descent Interval (also known as the “cooling off period”) is the period of time from when you terminated the chiropractor-patient relationship and the time you start to date the former chiropractic patient. If you ask a psychologist what is a descent interval to stop treatment and start dating, they’ll usually tell you six years. In chiropractic, it can be less than that, ranging from as little as six months or a year to six years. It depends on your state and the interpretation of the chiropractic board rules. However, the general rule remains the same. Never do it because you are opening yourself up to trouble that can destroy your chiropractic clinic, take your license away from you for a substantial period of time and hurt your patient.

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