Is it a good idea to provide free chiropractic treatment to chiropractic clinic staff?

Most chiropractic clinics provide free chiropractic treatments to their staff. But, I’ve recommended hundreds of times that you just don’t do it. Too many times, I’ve had to defend chiropractic clinics from sexual harassment lawsuits because they’ve treated staff members. Too often, the chiropractic boundary between the chiropractor and staff member get broken down and things happen. They start to date or inappropriate touching occurs. The chiropractor now has two problems: a sexual harassment lawsuit with a staff member and a boundary crossing complaint with a chiropractic patient.  I recommend that if you feel compelled to offer free chiropractic to your staff, that you contact a local chiropractic friend and create a trade of chiropractic services arrangement where you treat their staff and they in turn treat yours at no cost. That’s a great way to provide that benefit while maintaining sound boundaries between you and your staff, being safer and more compliant with less liability issues in the future for your chiropractic clinic.

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C Hokanson | August 27, 2012 at 3:44 pm

So the whole idea of bringing chiropractic to the world as you stated above, has been reduced. The office staff is one of a practices best advertising components. If they have a personal experience with the Doctor, not some other Doctor, then their testimonial is much stronger and they know exactly how and what you do as opposed to only seeing and hearing about it from the patients.
Why is everything so negative and trying to instil fear among such a simple thing as giving life and vitality via Chiropractic to staff or a person you are dating???
Dr Craig

Todd Crabtree | September 12, 2012 at 9:56 pm

I understand your frustration. Every day that goes by increases the amount of compliance, doctors are subject to. Recently, I have been wanting to yell “I will not comply” when I see what is going on across the entire country.

It is compliant to treat a staff member. However, for all the benefits of treating the staff member there are some serious drawbacks and liability exposure. As long as you understand those drawbacks and are willing to risk the liability exposure, go ahead and treat the staff member. Just be sure to limit exposure by:

1. keeping good boundaries between the employer/ employee relationship and the doctor/ patient relationship;
2. keeping good treatment records;
3. a treatment room open door policy when treating staff

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