How Can I Set Up Compliant Coupons for My Patients Under the New Healthcare Act?

As a chiropractor, your primary goal is to be the number one practice that individuals call whenever they are in need of chiropractic services. In the same way that your clients are loyal to your practice, there may be times when you want to reward them for their commitment to your practice. Under the Affordable Care Act, there are ways for you to offer discounts and deals on your chiropractic services. For those handling chiropractic billing internally, these discounts can quickly become a headache and more of a hassle to manage than anything else. That is where a partnership with our billing specialists at Clinic Doctor comes in handy. Our chiropractic billing department can manage and accurately process compliant coupons for your patients with ease!

Compliant Ways to Offer Coupons

Anytime you are dealing with medical services, you must be sure to remain compliant with all governmental regulations. At Clinic Doctor, we make sure that all aspects of your chiropractic billing is compliant with all necessary rules and regulations. When it comes to offering chiropractic coupons for patients under the new Healthcare Act, the following ways are allowed:

  • Transfer from Retailer – If another retailer is offering a coupon or rebate, the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act (PPACA) allows for you to offer similar discounts as long as they are offered to the general public, regardless of the type of health insurance that the individual has.
  • Financial Hardship – The PPACA also allows for free or below fair market value services as long as the expenses are not advertised or reimbursable by insurance providers, and that the services are directly related to the patient’s medical treatment plan.

Protect Your Chiropractic Practice

When dealing with coupons, it is very important that you follow all protocol laid out by the PPACA. The process for prosecuting violators of these rules has become significantly easier than in the past. Seeking guidance from an attorney is never a bad idea if you are considering coupon use. Additionally, allowing our chiropractic billing staff to handle all of your billing needs, including offering compliant coupons will take some unnecessary stress off of your shoulders. Put your faith in our expert billing team to manage and handle your compliant coupon offerings so that you can focus more on providing your patients the expert chiropractic care that they deserve.

So, if you are looking for creative ways to set your chiropractic practice apart from your competitors, consider setting up compliant coupons for your patients. Team up with our team at Clinic Doctor to handle this project as well as the rest of your chiropractic billing needs by giving us a call at (651) 351-2899 or emailing info@clinicdr.com today.


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