Dating Chiropractic Patients

We’ve all seen those idealistic situations where the patient falls in love with the doctor and they live happily ever after, right? Wrong. No matter what the media may project in the movies, the big take away point that we want to give you today is: chiropractors cannot date their patients. N to the O, no, people! Today Todd Crabtree and his team will try our best to stay lighthearted, we hope we can emphasize the importance of this message. Unless dating this person is worth losing your license, it is best to stay away.

Using Our Hands vs. Being Handsy

Do us a favor, Google sexual relationships with people of authority. You’ll read all sorts of articles that expose dentists going too far when a person is sedated. You may see how a psychiatrist and a patient got too close and overstepped boundaries. Do you see any chiropractors in the mix? Ultimately, our job is to help heal the wounded. When someone comes in to see us, we don’t just diagnose the problem and send them to someone else. No, we treat it and come up with a solution! We roll up our sleeves and we help our patients in whatever manner we can. Our job is very much “hands on.” If you are not physically putting hands on your patient, it’s likely you aren’t doing it right. It is just part of the job. What is not part of the job is inappropriate and wandering hands. The state of Florida defines sexual misconduct the best in stating that sexual misconduct includes any direct or indirect physical contact by any persons or between persons which is intended or likely to cause either person stimulation of a sexual nature. So, there we go. Handsy vs. using our hands.

Just Say No

Consensual you say? That will not cut it in a court of law. No matter what you say, in the court of law, a sexual relationship with a patient is inappropriate for a chiropractor and will put your license in serious jeopardy. So whether you are enjoying a patient’s company or not, for the sake of your practice and your license, just say no. Instead, choose your relationships outside of work wisely and understand that dating a patient poses serious risks to your career. Additionally, as you see patients, be careful to always advise patients about what you are going to do and where your hands will be placed during the visit.

For more information about dating patients or any other risk management issues related to chiropractic care, contact Todd Crabtree today. Give us a call or feel free to send us an email at 651-351-2899 or

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