Dating Chiropractic Employees

As a chiropractor, you manage many employees on a daily basis. You oftentimes spend more time with your employees than you even do your family. It’s simply the nature of the business.  You may even become attracted to a few of your employees, but before you decide to act on your emotions, our team at Todd Crabtree encourages you to seriously evaluate whether or not dating employees relationally is the best decision for your practice and reputation.

Learn From Others Mistakes

A recent case study, performed by Bruce Hodges, D.C., studied a doctor who had multiple relationships with employees as well as patients, while still maintaining a marriage of 38 years. In this case study, it was found that the doctor had a consensual relationship with an employee who was also a patient. After a six month relationship, it ended and the employee resigned from her position at his office to start up a massage therapist office. The doctor continued to have sexual relationships with two other patients and ended up hiring one of them on his staff. Three years later, after all of the relationships had ended, the doctor received notice from the state’s Chiropractic Board of Examiners requiring his appearance. One of the women visited the massage therapy office that was opened by the first employee that the doctor had a relationship with, and the doctor’s name got brought up. The women found out that he had relations with four different employees/patients and they decided to take action.

The Result

After going through a four session hearing, the doctor was found guilty of four counts of sexual misconduct. Immediately, his chiropractic license was suspended for two years. The Board would allow him to apply for his chiropractic license after the two years, assuming he achieved the following requirements:

  • Community Service – 50 hours of community service each year was required.
  • Counseling – The doctor was ordered to complete licensed counseling centered around patient boundaries.
  • Audit – A former Board member was set up to audit and supervise his practice twice per year to ensure the doctor was meeting all expectations.

As we can see, acting on emotions when it comes to dating chiropractic employees may not be the best decision for your personal life or for your chiropractic practice. Todd Crabtree and his team recommend never getting involved sexually with an employee, because you are setting yourself up for disaster down the road. Learn from this doctors mistakes and pursue relationships outside of your practice. If you are interested in more guidance and advice around dating chiropractic employees, give our team a call at (651) 351-2899.

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