Crabtree Lawyers

While managing a chiropractic clinic I realized the compliance confusion many clinics face on a regular basis. Things such as proper coding, compliant documentation and defending against board complaints and post payment audits are puzzling to clinics.  Clinics need  to have an attorney that understands the needs of a chiropractor and can give clear and authoritative legal advice. For the past two decades Crabtree Lawyers has flourished and now provides legal services to several major chiropractic groups and their members across the United States.

As well as assisting clinics, we have grown to represent patients for many legal purposes. From simply answering the most common question, ‘Do I need an attorney?’ to vigorously prosecuting patient claims in court, we love this aspect of the job too!

Main Areas of Practice

  • Chiropractic Compliance
  • Clinic Advertising
  • Work Compensation
  • Board Complaints
  • Personal Injury
  • Malpractice
  • Business Law
  • Litigation


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