Chiropractic Clinic Legal Help

What do you get when you combine a chiropractor, an attorney and an MBA degree? You get Todd Crabtree! To be honest, there are not many individuals with as impressive a background as our lead man. Our primary objective is to be your chiropractic clinic resource whether you need legal, business or chiropractic help.

The Background

Thinking back on the past, we often wonder how Todd Crabtree got our business to where it is today. It all started with a chiropractic degree in 1982 from Northwestern Health Sciences University. Next, Todd set his mind out on a law degree to help get a better grasp on compliance in the chiropractic billing and insurance filing field. As if that was not enough schooling, Todd decided to tackle one more degree in 2004, a Masters in Business Administration. By combining all of these degrees together, Todd and our team created an online chiropractic billing and electronic health record business that was built on compliance. With more than 8 years of experience, our staff has been able to help many chiropractic clinics get better control of their clinics.

Chiropractic Guidance You Can Count On

Need to consult a chiropractic attorney to get advice on how to protect your clinic from lawsuits? Todd Crabtree has you covered. Are you in search of someone with a business degree and background that can help your chiropractic clinic take that next step towards success? Todd Crabtree has you covered. What if we told you there was a chiropractor lawyer that also runs an online business that can manage your electronic health records and billing needs so that you don’t have to continue managing billing internally. Todd Crabtree and our staff are the jack of all trades when it comes to chiropractic clinic legal help!

Protecting Your Chiropractic Clinic

By teaming up with Todd Crabtree and our staff, the chiropractic billing software that you’ll have access to already has built in compliance protection that will help keep your chiropractic clinic out of trouble. We focus on taking the necessary legal precautions early so that your clinic doesn’t have to call on us during the toughest times. We can help you get out of some of your darkest times, however we’d prefer to help you most when the success of your practice is smooth sailing!

So, if you are in need of chiropractic clinic legal help or are interested in investing in online chiropractic billing services that are compliant, team up with Todd Crabtree and our expert staff. If you have questions, just ask Todd by calling (651) 351-2899 or emailing

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