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Building and maintaining a chiropractic practice is extremely difficult and complex. You must develop a plan for health records, billing, advertising and of course many issues come up regarding insurance and Medicare.  You must also manage all of the Human Resources issues that come up in a medical office.  There is no rule book for running a chiropractic practice and depending on where you live, your state may also have specific laws and guidelines to follow.  Todd Crabtree is a chiropractor, a chiropractic attorney and an MBA and he combines this experience to help chiropractic practices all over the state of Minnesota succeed.

Chiropractic Legal Help MN

Todd Crabtree has spent years as a chiropractor, as a lawyer and as as businessman.  He has merged these diverse skills and developed a niche for helping local chiropractors with a wide variety of issues.  If you have questions about your chiropractic practice, how to succeed, or find yourself in a situation that you do not know how to manage, Todd Crabtree can help.

Here are some of the topic areas and questions that Todd can help you answer:

  • Can you offer/advertise discounted or free chiropractic services to your patients?
  • Can chiropractors claim “write offs” on their taxes?
  • Can chiropractors offer payment plans?
  • What are the rules for patients with Medicare?
  • What are the guidelines about target marketing?
  • Can patient testimonials be used in advertisements about your clinic?
  • How long should a chiropractor keep his/her treatment notes?
  • When should a chiropractor use a 456.062 disclaimer?
  • How should our clinic measure progress?

The bottom line is that running a chiropractic clinic in Minnesota, or anywhere around the country is tough.  It is rare to have been trained to have all of the skills that you will need to make your clinic successful.  This is where Todd comes in.  He brings the unique background that combines law, business with the passion and love of chiropractic medicine and can partner with your team to help you maximize your success and handle problems when they arise.

Legal Advice That Works For You

Legal issues are bound to come up in every chiropractic practice.  The key is dealing with them appropriately, in a timely manner.  Todd Crabtree can handle all legal issues related to your practice — and give you sound, honest and relevant advice that solves problems and does not create more.  Call Todd today for more information at 1-866-999-5859.

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