Post Payment Audits

This is a very important issue and it related directly to what is occurring within your state right now. In some states, there are networks that are aggressively going after integrated or multi-disciplinary clinics owned or operated by chiropractors. The reason they are doing this is because an integrated clinic’s profile, derived from the chiropractic […]

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So what’s this stuff we call post payment audits? A post-payment audit is when an insurance company looks over your account and claims that they’ve paid to you on behalf of the treatment you’ve given to patients and they say “oops, we’ve made a mistake.” We want money back. And when they do that, it […]

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Chiropractic Network Audits

So, what do you do if you get a network audit? That’s where an insurance company like BlueCross BlueShield or some other company sends you a letter saying they want to take a look at your billing patterns and review some claims and treatment notes and stuff like that. It can be a scary moment […]

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