With any type of business, the success of your company is directly related to receiving payment from your customers or patients. Performing services or providing products without collecting the fees associated will quickly bring your business down. The chiropractic field is no different. If you run a chiropractic practice and are wondering why your revenue […]

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What do you get when you combine a chiropractor, an attorney and an MBA degree? You get Todd Crabtree! To be honest, there are not many individuals with as impressive a background as our lead man. Our primary objective is to be your chiropractic clinic resource whether you need legal, business or chiropractic help. The […]

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Developing a marketing strategy for your chiropractic practice is extremely important, especially if you are in a highly populated area with many different practices closeby.  One question that is frequently asked is whether a practice can advertise free or discounted exams or services to new patients.  These dramatic discount offers can get new patients in […]

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My office has been having troubles collecting from patients for my chiropractic services. How can this be resolved? Does your Chiropractic office rely completely on automobile and Worker’s Comp cases for income? If not, there’s probably a pretty good chance that unsettled patient responsibilities are the biggest concern to your ledger. High deductible plans, large […]

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I feel that my Chiropractic services have been successful. But how do I figure out my $PVA and what can be done to improve this if it feels low? $PVA ($ per visit average) is a simple equation that can be figured out by adding up the total revenue (patient payments + insurance payments) received […]

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If you’ve browsed coding blogs on my website in the past, you have got probably already read that the simplest coding policy is to pick the code that most closely fits the service rendered. One of the most confusing coding decisions in most chiropractic offices we’ve spoken with is choosing which therapeutic procedure to use […]

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Chiropractors everywhere in the U.S. are seeing a recent increase in PI/WC denials associated with the medical necessity of nuclear magnetic resonance services rendered on patients. This is likely due to an industry-wide perceived overuse of the code, and more demanding review of records for key information associated with the connection of care to the […]

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Chiropractic Billing Services

A skilled, cloud-based, and compliant chiropractic billing service is one of the best ways to ensure that your claims produce a high collection rate. It helps to give your chiropractic clinic a high collection rate at a cost that pays for itself! Hiring a competent billing CA can be expensive because of all the differences […]

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The federal anti-kickback statute was originally enacted to protect patients and the federal healthcare programs from fraud and various types of abuse by preventing physicians from operating under unlawful premises of financial gain. As a result of these statues, chiropractors and other physicians have been prohibited from offering deals and discounts to any patient with […]

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A great insurance verification is a very important skill! A thorough insurance verification process for every insurance patient will decrease denials, increase revenue (patient payments AND insurance payments), and increase patient retention. First, make sure your office has a great process for initial insurance verifications. Review the forms that your staff is using to collect […]

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