Can I Advertise Insurance Providers That I Accept?

Frequently, Todd Crabtree and our staff get the question from chiropractors about whether or not they can advertise insurance providers that they accept. Logically, you want your patients to know whether or not your practice accepts their insurance before the service is rendered. However, running an advertisement in the local newspaper regarding the insurance providers you accept may not be the best idea.

Breach of Contract

Many of the insurance networks detail out in their contracts with chiropractors and other medical providers that you cannot advertise them as a company that you do business with. The only way you would be able to advertise insurance providers is if the contract clearly states that there are no issues. The last thing you want to do as a chiropractor is to disobey the contract you signed and in turn causing a breach of contract. These insurance providers have legal departments that focus solely on contracts, so the last thing you want is for them to come knocking on your practice’s front door!

Allowable Alternatives

Rather than advertising insurance providers that you accept through your local newspaper, there are other ways to ensure that your potential patients know which insurance providers you accept. Sit down with your administrative staff and make sure that one of the first things they address with a new patient is their insurance. To be fair to your chiropractic patients, you shouldn’t blindly provide chiropractic services without notifying them of the insurance providers you accept.

Your Chiropractic Legal Wingman

Running a chiropractic clinic can be stressful. Keeping your staff and patients happy while ensuring that your practice remains profitable is a daunting task. Getting your name out to the local community is a great idea, but you have to be careful with how you advertise. Lucky for you, Todd Crabtree and staff can help you with these tough decisions. Todd Crabtree’s unique background as a chiropractor, attorney, and MBA graduate is exactly what you need when looking for a wingman! Any questions you may have, bring it to Todd Crabtree and staff, and we’ll lead you in the right direction.

Although it may be tempting to advertise the insurance providers that your chiropractic clinic accepts through the local newspaper, it could end up getting you in trouble. Let Todd Crabtree and staff review the insurance providers contract with you to see if advertising is off limits. For these types of questions or any others, give our team a call anytime at (651) 351-2899. We’re eager to be your wingman!

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