About Todd

Hi. My name is Todd Crabtree. I’m a chiropractor, an attorney and an MBA. I got my chiropractic degree in 1982 from Northwestern Health Sciences University. Then, in 1988, I picked up my law degree. I got tired of beating my head against the wall with the insurance companies and fiddling with compliance rules and not understanding what was going on. So I thought, maybe I could do something to help the profession.

I practiced both law and chiropractic for a couple of years, but eventually, I got so busy with the law practice that I had to just switch to law. Then I got this crazy idea in my head in 2004 to get a Masters in Business Administration. I picked that up at Carlson School of Management at the University of Minnesota. That’s when I discovered all of the reasons why I made mistakes in business. When I got done with the MBA, I needed to decide what I going to do now with all of this education and experience. I decided to start an on-line business that provided electronic health records, billing software and services to chiropractors nationwide. We’ve been running that business for eight years.

I find myself in two different worlds. With the law firm, when people get in deep trouble, they come to me and I help get them out of trouble, either with board complaints, post payment audits, and issues like that. With the online business, I find myself building compliance protection and defenses right into the online electronic health records, billing software and service, so I’m protecting doctors from getting into trouble. I actually prefer helping doctors stay out of trouble, than helping them when they are in the deepest and darkest moments in their practice when things are really, really tough.

If you need a wingman, count me in! Just give me a call and we’ll take good care of you.

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